Saturday, June 19, 2004

Trip 1

For the next few weeks, depending on how long it takes me, I will be writing about my trip back east. But first, some background.

I participate in both a Gileskirk Humanities class and a homeschool Science Olympiad team. As the humanities class is teaching American history this year and the National Science Olympiad 2004 tournament is located in Huntingdon Pennsylvania, Mom had the idea of combining the two into one trip. Because of certain circumstances (though not bad ones) Mom was not able to come, so my maternal grandparents took three siblings and myself.

We saw:
Arlington Cemetery.
The National Air and Space Museum.
The Museum of National History.
Some of the Natural History museum.
The Capitol.
Memorials, including the new World War Two one.
The International Spy Museum.

We arrived on Saturday the 16 in Baltimore. When we got to the hotel at midnight we discovered that room was to small. So we got changed to a suite with two extra beds and a kitchenette. I actually doubt that such a thing would occur to the owners because when we got to our new room it was the same size as the other. So Kevin, Jonathan and Joshua ended up sleeping in the same double bed. Meanwhile Grandpa and I parked the van in a garage several blocks away. By this time it was 2 A.M. Walking around D.C. at that time on a Sunday morning is not exactly smart, unless you want to meet several drunks. So our reception in D.C. wasn’t the best, and fitted in with the others we received during the trip.