Friday, July 15, 2005

I know of the 3rd Coolest Guy On The Planet! That has to count for something.


  • At 8:00 PM , Anonymous as_noun said...

    It counts for a whole lot :P

    You are really cool for doing this :)

  • At 5:17 AM , Anonymous 3rd Coolest Guy On The Planet said...

    Yay! It is done. Google now says I am the 3rd coolest guy on the planet.

    Thanks Skystrider. It was only with your help I was able to do this.

  • At 2:41 PM , Blogger SkyStrider said...

    Wow, this must have been one of the fastest google bombs of all time. Well, it is definitely up there, anyways.

    (maybe I should try to be the 2.5th coolest guy on the planet ;)

  • At 4:32 PM , Anonymous as_noun said...

    It was probably the fastest.

    However, I can't see it anymore, but I know the reason why. Google has many different data centers that it pulls results from. I one I was getting earlier today had me at #1. The other data centers aren't updated yet, so my website doesn't appear anywhere in the results. Don't know how long it will take until they are all updated.

    2.5? Heh. Go right ahead... This should be made into the contest of the ages. May the COOLEST guy win:-D


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