Friday, July 09, 2004

Trip 7


On this day we headed towards Huntingdon Pennsylvania, where Juniata College is located. This meant more of Grandpa’s wonderful driving habits. On the way we stopped at Hershey Park with most of the team.

Hershey was plenty of fun. I mainly did the water rides, on all of which you have no choice but to get soaked. On one roller coaster people on the ground use huge squirt guns to soak the people on the coaster. But the carts on the coaster are equipped with four shots of water. Of course, the physics behind the aiming of these, “water bombs” as we called them, escapes most people. So when they actually used one they almost always missed. But with the squirt guns on the ground it is almost impossible to miss. Of course, I still got wet, mostly by recklessly running through second-hand spray. I better finish this, looks like I am having too much fun writing it. As you can see, Hershey Park was a lot of fun.

As we drove through the Appalachians I noticed that they look like green clouds. They get this appearance from the deciduous trees. It would be very easy for someone to think they are puffy, green clouds.

When we arrived at the cabins we got what you would expect for the poorest place in the country. They were rather dilapidated. If there was a Science Olympiad event on insects and various similar species this would have been the perfect place to study it. According to reports from the females there was a 3-inch diameter spider in their cabin. The water has sulfur in it, so whenever the showers where on the whole place stank. But the bunks were fine, so the whole deal went well.

If you had stopped in anytime during our stay at the cabins you would probably have seen a lot of people gathered around the TV and Gamecube playing Super Smash Brothers. Of course, trying to play a four-player game with about twenty people is not much fun. Because of this there was constant bickering among the younger, and several of the older, kids about who would get to play next. It got annoying after awhile to say the least.

As is evident, we had another eventful day, with Hershey Park and the cabins. That is the one annoying thing about all the vacations I have ever taken, we are constantly busy with some thing or another. That is too close to real-life to feel relaxing, but then, you aren’t supposed to be relaxed at a National tournament I suppose.


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