Tuesday, April 26, 2005


This afternoon, a neighbor offerd $30 dollars for someone to mow her lawn because her lawnmower is broken. However, there were some major caveats. The grass was to high for our riding reel-mower. Our normal riding lawnmower got sabotaged by Josiah, the oil pain is full of sawdust or something similar. So we had to do it by pushmower. As I said, the grass was very high and the yard was decently large. Oh yeah, it wasn't exactly cool outside either. So, we set out to work. Luckily, our neighbor upped the price to $40 when she saw that we were pushmowing. After three hours of toil, we got the parts in the shade and around most of the edges done. But there is still a large amount of very tall grass left, much too tall for the mower. As it was we mainly inched along by lifting up the blade and slowly easing it down onto a small area of grass, then repeating times 1,000. So, we have ended up with 40 dollars, sore backs, and an unfinished job. I plan to clean out the riding-lawnmower tomorrow if at all possible. So, today was insanely interesting.


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