Saturday, July 16, 2005


Well, you might not have guessed, but I danced yesterday. No, I didn't go to the Deckers, but I did dance at home. The type of dancing I did was simple, but still exciting. The first step I usually did was a lowering of my left big finger. I would then move my right hand around until I found a partner. Upon this event I usually lowered both of my index fingers and slid my right hand to one side or the other. Occasionally I would tap my right index finger instead of holding it down. If things were really extraordinary I might push my left thumb down. After a display of this kind, repeated by my partner with several variations, one of us would fall to the floor. The person left standing would then lower it's index finger and wiggle his right arm in search of another partner. The whole thing is rather bizarre, but quite energetic and fun. I am pretty sure I would prefer it too more traditional forms of dancing.


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