Tuesday, October 25, 2005

For An Alternative

If you haven't read Living Stone's post, Against Conservatism, do so before reading what I have to say. He has made a strong case against conservatism and liberalism, but I want to present different arguments that arrive at the same conclusion. So, my thesis: Modern American politics is based off of Enlightenment ideologies that place man before God and therefore must be replaced by a Biblical alternative.

According to Francis Schaeffer, modern man has split truth into two different categories; truth that can be discovered rationally, and truth that is only discovered by blind faith. This split has affected our entire worldview, causing us to expect two, and only two, opposing viewpoints on every issue in life. But, because truth is split, both stances are equally correct. Is there a computer monitor in front of my face? I can choose either yes or no, but both of those answers are equally legitimate and true. Which are right, liberals or Conservatives? Once I decide that one side is right, that side becomes right, and I must defend it with all the effort I can give. The important thing here is that I am the ultimate judge over every issue in life. I become like God. Becoming like God is what Satan promised Eve, and what has caused men so much grief over the years. The dichotomizing of truth is just another episode in the same series.

As you probably know, the title of this post is, "For an Alternative." I set out to post an alternative, but bashing the current system is so much easier than finding a way to fix it. Additionally, I suspect that actually putting the alternative into place will be much harder than talking about it, which means we probably have some Hard Things in store. At any rate, I would urge you to not dump the status quo just because it has problems, jumping into a political vacuum will probably just bring on more issues. In the meantime, I will try to find a real alternative, and not just a reason for one.


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