Wednesday, October 19, 2005

On 10/4/05, Jim Bordwine wrote:
> I need some clarification:
> Which Jeremy is this (we have a few at church)?
> In regard to the first question, what "demands" are you referring to?
> In your second question, are you asking why God would have allowed a
> man like Hitler to achieve that level of destruction?
> For the third question, in what context are you using "hubris"? Are
> you speaking generally, or as the term is used in the context of plays
> and poetry? Are you asking if God punishes arrogance or why doesn't He
> always punish arrogance?
> What is the context of your questions? Are you studying some
> particular topic in school?
> Sorry for the delay, but I need more information.
> Pastor Bordwine
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