Thursday, October 13, 2005

I have been extremely busy on this trip. I was going to do various school things while here, but haven't had any time. I did read some of Plethora (even though "Your Horoscope" plays constantly in my mind, I refuse to write out the full title for that book) so that I can get a feel for how to right the 8 page research paper that is due in a month. The outline for it is due on Tuesday, but for some bizarre reason it doesn't seem like I will have it done by then. Mrs. T. won't be happy, and I won't be happy when I get my grade. Dern.

So, to summarize what has happened in the last few days, I will, umm, summarize them. I didn't get to bed until one A.M. on Saturday, and then got up at four to get to the airport. Great start, right? We got on the plane, no terrorists presented themselves, and a brain-dead but sleepless flight ensued. We arrived at Hartford Connecticut, got the rental car, and decided to drive to New Jersey. However, the remains of a tropical storm was lashing the area, and made the ride quite interesting. Somewhere in New York or New Jersey, we ran into a "puddle" that was at least sixteen inches deep. Because we were driving at freeway speeds, it almost through us off the road. Someone needs to improve the drainage over here. Another interesting factoid is that when a utilities company wants to work at the side of a road, it must be accompanied by a police car. After seeing about 8 such arrangements, we asked some teachers about, and found out that it is state law. Supposedly, drivers over here are so insane that if there isn't a police car, with lights flashing, they will probably cause some kind of damage. However, it was also revealed that policemen taking this duty of sitting around all day get paid at a significantly higher level. The politics behind that must make an interesting story, just like the politics behind mandatory car insurance.

Other than driving, we have basically worked or slept. We simply take our products to various schools and show them to the teachers, occasionally a class, also. I suppose you guys will probably be bored by the details, so I won't go into them. Still, I haven't been very bored, and go to bed quite tired. Well, that is all I have to say for now.


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