Monday, September 26, 2005

Today I did several remarkable things. The first was eating a slice of Jalapeno cheese. I have never eaten any jalapeno products before, so this was interesting. However, I didn't find the spicyness very disturbing, but the taste really stinks. So, one more mini-milestone in my life has been passed.

I also just finished "that game made up by the B's that you play at night." (Memo to the B's, we need a much better name if we want this to spread) It takes after FPS scenarios and flashlight tag. The basic idea is too have a team of people that try to accomplish four objectives. There are either one or two guards with flashlights who guard the objectives. Pictures are worth a thousand words, so here is a map of our scenario.

The troops unload off of their transport at point A. The landing area is protected from guards by a battleship. However, once the troops move beyond point B, a house, they are open to enemy fire. Objective one is in the shed (point C). The rolling door must be opened to allow alied forces access to the area in future raids. However, this door is a large sliding one, so any attempt at moving it makes a sound quite similar to thunder. Point D is a ditch that runs along the side of the map. Objective two is blowing up a small outpost. There is a vulnerable point on the wall opposite the door that must be hit by a special laser weapon. Point G is a large, open area that is partially illuminated. The third objective involves hiding weapons in a chicken coop for later operatives to use. Everyone would like to know what those later operatives will do, but we do not really want to know. Point F is a large pile of brush that is useful for concealment. Point E is a stand of trees, as. The two lines down the middle of the map is a driveway. Across from point E are more trees and objective four. Actually, objective four is in flux, as playing the game has revealed problems with the prior arrangement.

Overall, the game is insanely fun, yeah, umm, you will probably like it, also. Moving on:

Tomorrow I am going with Dad to some conference up north. This duty has usually been assigned to, "Number Two," but I have been tasked with it this time. I expect it too be, interesting.


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