Thursday, August 18, 2005

Mid-Summer Report

Well, I first thought of writing this post several days ago. You know, August had just begun, we had gone to the Fair. The middle of the Summer was a great time to put up a medium term report on my life. But then I got thinking. It seems that for some reason the beginning of August is not the middle of summer, in fact, it is rather close to the end of summer. Additionally, I had the thought not at the beginning of August, but in the middle of it. The next day I heard something suspicious about school starting soon. I confered with my Mom about it, and discovered that school would start in two weeks. So, Summer is over just as I got a handle on the whole idea. Anyways, to the report.

Several things have been started this summer. We started on the process of getting a house. We also started on the process of getting our grandparents a house. Of course, starting is a long way from finishing. So, it is a very safe bet that we won't move until this time next year. I also started on the last half of the beginning of the procuring of a drivers license process. One thing that is conspiciously abscent from the list of things I have began is the Gileskirk research paper. One thing I have completed is getting our fir trees out of blackberry reach. So, I haven't made too much progress over the summer, but if things aren't started they will never be finished.


  • At 6:12 AM , Anonymous Bushman said...

    We started school three weeks ago.


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