Tuesday, July 19, 2005

A Plan To Solve for WD-40 Inavailability

Virtually all Americans use WD-40 to lubricate, clean and preserve any piece of metal that is liable to wear. Modern cowboys reach for their trusty can many more times than they reach for their trusty six-shooter. Unfortunately, the, "Trusty Can" is often very untrustworthy. How many times have you gone to lube a bike chain only to find your dispenser disturbingly light? Too many times to count, I can guarantee. This can result in tragically rusty parts. The manufacturers have tried to combat this plague by giving us larger bottles, but that has hardly aliviated the trend. The iron in America seems to be suffering a terrible fate, but hope may yet be on the horizon.

At this point, I will deviate slightly. Imagine the olden days, when people had to draw water from wells that could be a significant distance from where they needed the water. Bringing in water was a back-breaking chore. However, in recent years this has been eliminated by the wonder of running water. Innovators didn't just make larger buckets, they piped water from the source directly into houses. The difficulty in acquiring sufficient amounts of WD-40 could be allieviated in the same way. Simply run a pipe from the local WD-40 factory to people's houses. The results? Fatter WD-40 execs, happier handymen and well preserved metal. There is nothing to lose, and much to gain.


  • At 5:27 PM , Anonymous as_noun said...

    What would we do without it?

    Man, that is hard to imagine...


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