Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Matter and Nothingness

Smack your hand against something hard. The thing you smacked probably feels quite real and solid. But is it? Well, let us take a visit to the atoms that make up this object.

Atoms; a collection of miniscule particles. Electrons orbit around a nucleus made of protons and neutrons. Between the electrons and the nucleus sits what? Yep, a whole lot of nothing. In fact, the actual matter in an atom is almost equal to zero. And, because you and I are made of atoms, the actual matter in us is almost equal to zero. Let us look at that again:

Humans are made of atoms
Atoms are made of virtually no matter
So, humans are made of virtually no matter.

So, why did that object feel so hard? Because it's atoms, and the atoms in your hand, possess very stronge forces. In the interaction the involved atoms never touched, but the negative charges of their electrons repelled each other. The very powerful electromagnetic force is what allows us to think that objects are solid, when they are actually not.

Well, I hope this little science lesson doesn't ruin your sleep, as it did to mine last night.


  • At 5:58 PM , Anonymous Bushman said...

    I spent a good amount of time studying atoms last year in Chemistry.

    It is absolutely amazing that both a sponge and iron are made up of the same thing, and yet are so different.

    There is a song I know by a local artist called "Empty". It talks about how humans may thing they are something, but are really nothing.

    The forces that hold atoms together are really fascinating. They are holding the entire earth together.

    What is the smallest component of an atom? It seems logical that the smallest thing has to be nothing, or space. Because something has to be made of something…
    This is another thing that points to a Creator. And yet more than a creator. Someone that holds atoms to together.

  • At 6:06 PM , Blogger BULLSEYE said...

    Let's get back to the 1911's!

  • At 6:29 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

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  • At 6:31 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

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  • At 6:43 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

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  • At 6:55 PM , Anonymous Bushman said...

    SPAM, and is reported to Google for abusing Adsense.

  • At 8:54 PM , Blogger SkyStrider said...

    Woah, Bushman, do you have super powers or something now that you are among the coolest guys on the planet?

  • At 8:01 PM , Anonymous Bushman said...

    LOL I wish.

  • At 5:43 PM , Blogger SkyStrider said...

    I find it interesting that all scifi stories think of force fields as some sort of futuristic thing. Just about every shield since the birth of man included a force field :p


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