Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Parties and the Boringness or Unboringness thereof

Over this summer I have gone to various parties. Some of them were fun, some of them weren't so much fun. Actually, I was bored at quite a few of them. So, having observed that I have more fun when I am doing something at least semi-productive, I have come up with a plan for the perfect party, according to me, at least, hey, I can overuse commas, quite nice, I should think, I don't think you have noticed that this is a run on sentence yet, oh boy.

The Perfect Party (According to He Who Moveth Across the Sky)

2:00 PM The party begins. This is the time when I rave at everyone for being late while cleaning up the house because I began that job late. See, something productive already.

2:30 PM Someone arrives. Luckily it is one of my best friends and he helps me finish cleaning the house. Productivity doubled.

2:45 PM A steady stream of people flows in. I hand out tools and send someone to buy more because everybody forgot to bring their own.

3:00 PM Oh! Did I forget to tell you what the main event of this party would be? Well, I will tell you now. Concrete Busting! Skillet is turned up and we mosh with the pavement. (okay, musical compromise could be arranged, as long as "hard" bluegrass exists)

6:00 PM Work ends, eating begins. Nuff said.

7:00 PM We have an Ultimate-Volleyball-Basketball-Football-Soccer-AndFreezeTagWithABall-Tournament. You score by whatever way is most convenient at the moment. Is the tall guy blocking your way to the hoop? Do a somersault on the end-zone! Don't think you can make the spike? Toss it to your teammate so he can swoosh it into the net! Oh, and if the guy on the other team with that other ball gets you, you are frozen. Boo-yah!

8:00 PM We send the injured people to the hospital and proceed to play various games in the dark..................................In our woods.................................while getting stalked by coyotes.

12:00 PM This is the part where it gets really crazy. At the stroke of midnight, we grab various items of sugar and caffeine, chomp them down, and start a:

Gileskirk Lecture! Yes, what could be more fun than taking notes for a Gileskirk lecture while being really tired (remember the concrete busting) and guzzling pop? Few things would compare.


  • At 10:29 AM , Anonymous Bushman said...

    "Work ends, eating begins. Nuff said."

    That is my kind of party ;)


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