Thursday, October 13, 2005

It was a dark and stormy night. This will be a typical, boring Skystrideria post. Never mind. But it was a dark and stormy night. The clouds were thick and hovered only one hundred feet or so in the air. We were driving through the maze that is known to the world as New York City. Luckily, we didn't have to drive through Manhattan, but we did manage to get semi-lost. However, our GPS did give a lot of assistance in bringing us through exits that gave you six choices. (that very same GPS got us in our problem in the first place, but it eventuall got us out) We pulled onto I-95, which is quite similar to I-5 in Seattle. The highway is recessed twenty feet, and many sky-scrapers were built across it. But then we noticed something quite strange. We came out from under the last building, and saw blue lights making a stair into the clouds. It followed a bizarre, concave curve. Then, beyond the blue lights, we saw a grey tower shrouded in the mist. We continued to the tower, and then went under it. When we looked to the side, we noticed that the walls of the recessed highway had given way to empty space. We looked forward again, and saw the blue lights curve down, and then back up. We came to a second tower, and finally to solid ground. The George Washington Bridge is quite cool in the day, but on the night we crossed it, it was more freaky than any movie or computer game could ever be.


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