Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Time for a late-night rant. I think it is time for the, "Traditional Marriage," movement to drop the whole, "Tradition" argument. Tradition is not a solid foundation for building a society. The Aztecs had a great "tradition" of human sacrifice. If Hitler's Germany had been allowed to continue, it would have a genocide tradition. In Soviet Russia, that tradition came into existence. In addition to this, traditions change. In 50 years, "non-traditional" families could easily be traditional families. The only unchanging "tradition" is the Law of God. A politician espousing his support for "Traditional Marriage" is not saying anything more than a political buzzword. If we intend our arguments to be more than smoke and mirrors, a position our opponents can accept or reject (as opposed to arguments that could easily include the opponents' position) we must base our arguments on the opinion of the Creator of the Universe.


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