Friday, October 18, 2013

Tuna Fish Soup

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So, I went to mix up two cans of tuna. You know, not too much for one person to eat in a couple of days, particularly if that person likes tuna. So I get out the can opener and open the first can. Everything looks good so far. I squeeze out the water, even though the lids on these cans are way wimpier than the big Costco cans. You have to use all your fingers to distribute the pressure evenly or the lid will buckle in on you. I like my tuna dry, not too much water, not too much mayonnaise. The lids on the Costco cans are much stronger. Strong enough that, once you've pushed the lid in about 1/3 of the way, you can hold the base of the can in your right hand, tilt it onto it's side, and then push your left fist into the lid to squirt out the remaining water. But I wasn't working with a Costco can, and remembering that fact was going to be important. So I finish squeezing the first can, empty it into my container, and start on the second one. Everything still looks good. I dump the second can into the container, and it looks fine. Then I reach into the fridge to get the mayonnaise. I put a great big forkful of mayo in the container with the tuna. Yup, everything is going well. 2,3,4,5 heaping forkfuls of mayo and I have just enough mayo to start mixing. I'll add more once I get this mixed in and

Wait a second.

Why is there as much mayonnaise as tuna in the bowl?

Why is there so little tuna in the bowl?


Aww, crud. I'm not cooking for fifteen people anymore.

Well, I had to make the best of it, so I start mixing. (Do you even know how fast two dinky cans of tuna mix up? You don't have to use your elbow grease or anything.) And the results were... tuna soup. A tuna fish sandwich, especially if it has cucumber products on it, is one of the best foods known to man. Tuna soup is one of the worst. When a sibling (or my wonderful mom) produces tuna soup, I helpfully suggest that they put less mayonnaise in it next time. I, of course, have not created tuna soup ever since we started buying Costco cans. And back when I did create tuna soup, when we still used the dinky cans, there was always more tuna that I could use to thicken it up. But I did not have that option this time because I had only bought two cans. So, I had a dilemma. How do you thicken up over-mayoed tuna if you don't have anymore tuna?

Ah, that's it. What other sandwich topping do you make by mixing something with mayonnaise? Egg-salad! So I boil up three eggs and put them in. Problem solved.


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