Friday, July 02, 2010

The Rattle Snaker

When walking in the woods one day,
Off the path I chanced to stray,
And as I went a step to take,
I saw a coiled up rattle snake,
But the snake was playing fair,
He rattled to warn me he was there,
So I quickly regained the path,
And decided for to leave there fast,
For where a rattle snake is found,
Other ones may be around,
I told the farmer where I’d been,
And he said lets take care of him,
So he went out to his pig yard,
And got a sow that was fat as lard,
She seemed to know just what was up,
For she followed him just like a pup,
And when we got into the brush,
Ahead of us she made a rush,
And in less time than the telling takes,
She came back with mister snake,
And it was fun to see that beast,
As she finished up her feast,
Then back in the brush she run,
And came back with another one,
Well the farmer said she done quite fair,
For you can see she got the pair,
He had refused for to the market take her,
For she was a perfect rattle snaker,
He said he wouldn’t sell that sow,
For she had got two dozen now,
And she knew she’d have a snake dinner then,
Each time he took her from the pen,
For if there were any snakes about,
She would always smell them out,
It didn’t matter what kind of snake,
She’d take any breed or make,
Before he taught the sow to follow,
The place was known as rattle snake hollow,
But he had turned the old sow loose,
And of the snakes she made good use,
But one would show up now and then,
Then he would take her from the pen,
And she seemed to have it in her mind,
He expected her a snake to find,
And she would show it to him atleast,
Before she was set to have her feast,
Well you say she’s just a hog,
But pigs are just as smart as any dog,
You can take any pig you pick,
You can easely teach him tricks,
And he will follow you like a dog,
And you will tip your topper to that hog.

A.D. Brown, Sept, 7, 1977


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