Sunday, May 01, 2005

Are Ethics Ethical?

Ethics are the standards for right and wrong as decided upon by a society. This can work acceptably if the society is deciding about the propriety of ice cream selling, but it runs into problems when a society is deciding about other things. For example, what if a society tries to define ethics in a unique way? If the society decides that the alligator decides on ethical issues, the alligator becomes absolute. This is perfectly fine until the alligator decides on the propriety of ice cream selling. Once the alligator makes a decision, it is not the society who is deciding. The society may accept the alligator’s decisions, but that is not true ethics. Ultimately, all subjective rules must be enforced by objective rules. If not, the elusive public opinion will turn everything on its head, including the process that allows the process to go on. Everything is based on objective standards, or attempts at it.


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