Sunday, November 13, 2005

Yesterday I mowed the lawn. Exciting, eh? It wasn't, until the last five minutes when it started to rain. Not wanting to get wet, I shifted into fifth gear. This sped up the mowing, but the rain increased proportionally. Now, I have only mowed at full throttle in fifth gear several times, and I can tell you that it is quite fast. But, not fast enough for the circumstances. So I moved it up to sixth gear, one I have never mowed in before. As I let off the clutch, my entire body shifted backwards disturbingly. When turning, I had to lean into the curve. But the rain kept coming, and the lawn wasn't getting mowed quite enough, so I finally shifted it into a gear that I have only used a handful of times. 7th gear, the highest on our mower, provides enough whiplash to almost take you off the seat if you aren't prepared. On the few occasions I have used it, it was only on the driveway, without any significant turning involved. Well, by moving at the speed of a sprinter I managed to finish the job without getting too wet, and with some excitement.