Sunday, November 20, 2005

I am a Journalist -- Not

It seems that the Federal Elections Commision has given the title of, "Journalist" to all bloggers. This will supposedly give us the right to mention a politician's name in the thirty (sixty?) day period before an election when all "political advertising" is banned. This privilege is made available to us by including all bloggers in the "Media Loophole." According to the McCain-Feingold Act, it is legal for someone to hype or smear a politician if they are part of a recognized news organization, but they cannot buy advertising time to say what they want. Apparently to lower the heat, bloggers have been included as "Journalists." Well, I am a blogger, but I refuse this title of "Journalist." I am a private citizen speaking my mind by using a service I bought from Google for $0.00. I can say whatever I want, short of libel, and no Elections Committee has the right to stop me. From now on, I will not mention any politician on this blog until the time of restriction begins. And then I will say a lot, and not as a journalist.


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