Wednesday, December 21, 2005

I have thought that there are a lot of toy trucks in our house for awhile, but I haven't really known the actual number. So, when Mom asked me to help organize the playroom, I decided to find the answer. I began by moving any trucks I could find into my bedroom. It wasn't long before Caleb came in and seated himself in front of this assortment. But, being the calm kid that he is, he didn't move at all when I brought in even more trucks. So, we ended up with a Caleb surrounded by trucks, a situation that didn't concern him in the least. When the task was nearing completion, Dad glanced in, saw the pile, and asked Mom if she thought we had enough. She replied in the negative, and therefore was asked to take a peak. She was quite surprised, and I don't think any new toy trucks will find their way into our house for quite awhile.


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