Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Well, it has been awhile, mostly because I have had a lot of things I have wanted to say, and not enough time to say them. (don't bother reminding me, I know the last was a run on sentence, in fact, I think this is a great day for run on sentences, but I will try to hold back) For now, I will just tell the world about the objects I got for Christmas. I think I am doing it just for remembrance' sake, but any accusation of bragging would probably be justified.

Airsoft Gun.
2000 Airsoft BB's.
"There are no Electrons, Electronics for Earthlings," I am now a hopeless convert to the Little Greenies theory.
"Hydrogen, Hot Stuff, Cool Science" It looks interesting, but I haven't really started yet.
"The Geocaching Handbook"
"The Politically Incorrect Guide to Islam"
"The Arabic Alphabet" Nice little book on Arabic letters, handwriting, vowel marks and other things I have been wanting to know for awhile.

The first two are keeping me active. But with the first, second and last books I expect to learn about as much in the last few days of this year as I did in the entire last semester. So, my bragging ends somewhere around the period.


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