Friday, November 19, 2004


Today was the day of the elementary Science Olympiad competition. Which means that I got to waste the day and help out with some little things. Of course, some annoying little females kept it interesting. They were rather annoying, following me around and jumping on me. After we got home around 4:00 I had to babysit, which crashed my plans of working on the research paper. So, nothing very interesting today.

Saturday, November 13, 2004

Blah blah

Okay, this is sad. Everyone else can add tons of links to their blogs and post several times a week but I don't. Yes, C. is worse, but that is not an excuse for me. So, what did I do today?

Got up, a very important thing to do.
Went to the men's breakfast.
Went home.
Then went to the Tuck's where we finished the roofing and "discovered" lots of graphiti. I am guessing that people will here more about the graphiti in a while.
Then we came home and I did a lot of nothing.
Wondered about the Research Paper and my very incomplete rough draft for it. Looks like I will be working on it tomorrow.

So I am marginally busy.
Guess I don't have to post for another month.