Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Interesting Correlations

After Dr. Grant's lecture on the Judges, I did some research to figure out which judges came from which tribes, and which judges shared a "tribal mother" with the other tribes that fought the same enemies. But this description is rather difficult to understand, so you should probably just look at the charts. This one shows the Patriarchs according to age, along with their mothers and the Judges that came from their lines This other one sorts the Judges according to the enemies they fought. Interestingly, all of the tribes who fought the Canaanites were descended of either Leah or her handmaiden, Zilpah, except for Ephraim.


Well, I am back to live-blog the final stages of my studies for the Gileskirk mid-term. I am hoping that by going through the process of writing dis-jointed ideas and facts, I will be able to improve the presentation of those ideas on Friday. I meant to start this a week or two ago so that it could be a resource for the younger students, but that obviously didn't happen.