Saturday, May 08, 2010


This year we started our garden on time.  These pea plants have been growing quickly ever since they were planted in February.  Faced with a lot of peas which were obviously looking for something to grow on, we decided to try a very stiff kind of fencing normally used for cows.  Our neighborhood feed store  had the fencing, and soon we were able to assemble some very sturdy trellis'.

The fencing came in 16'x52" panels.  We used bolt-cutters to cut them into sections that are roughly 5' long, with three sections that are quite a bit longer.  We used one of the longer sections to span this diagonal row of peas.

Here you can see last year's solution, which was shorter and far less robust.  Further back, you can see one of our new 12" boxes, where Hannah planted some carrots today.