Thursday, January 27, 2005

The Council of Elrond

Well, the Fellowship has had it's first debate. And it has been called the Council of Elrond for a very good reason. There was an enormous amount of bad arguments and some stuff that looked a bit like bickering. This bickering resulted from the fact that neither teams had much evidence. However, it wasn't to terrible for a first debate.

Age of Empires Three

Yep, they are making yet another title for one of the greatest computer game series of all time! Age of Empires Three will come out sometime in the last half of this year. The primary subject is the conquering of both Americas. It appears that everything from Cortez's conquests to the American Revolution is included. And I have a suspicion that Carribean pirates will also be included. The screen shots tell everything. Go to the ensemble website to get high-res screenshots and the music theme. This is one of the times when a time machine would be appreciated.

Saturday, January 15, 2005

The Other Debate

Follow what is probably the last debate between myself and DarkPERL here.

Saturday, January 08, 2005

Let me see. Currently I have an abnormally high amount of chickenpox viruses in my body. I have been reading Pride and Prejudice, which I hold an indifferent opinion of. And I have been steaming at the vocabulary requirements for Gileskirk.

In the good old days you simply had to read certain selections of certain books before listening to lectures. (Not that I always did) Now by the subjective ruling of the parents we have to find certain words in the selections and define them. That would not be too bad if only two or three words have to be defined. But in reality 7-10 words are required. This makes for considerable annoyance and probably a significant waste of time. I could agree to looking the words up, but I see little profit in copying down the definitions and writing sentences. These vocabulary assignments are work with almost no profit.